Management policies

Management policies

We, LQB (Claudio Querol Netto), Customs Brokers and Logistics, express our interest and commitment to ensure quality and safety for the services provided by us during the entire logistics process.

Our goal is to gain satisfaction and trust from our customers, suppliers and corresponding control authorities, while always finding ways to innovate and improve our services, being committed to:

Claudio R. Querol Netto

Julio López

Service Commitment

In order to comply with our Management Policy and System, we introduce the following terms which regulate the services provided by LQB.

To our customers

In order to comply with the goals that we set more efficiently, we need you to report your needs to LQB as clearly as possible, timely delivering all necessary documentation and letting us know if the services do not meet your expectations.

Please provide LQB´s staff with all information you deem appropriate, for example, if there is any relationship between the buyer and the seller, and if such relationship influenced the value of the goods, if there are any legal restrictions for the use of the goods, of the country or the Trading Bloc (MERCOSUR) or if there are fees and licenses rights corresponding to the goods that the buyer should pay.

Special conditions

Our Customers can ask for special or additional terms to those set forth herein. Said terms shall be considered and approved by the Board of Directors of LQB.